NDI and Autocue for Concerts

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Autocue, also known as Autoscrypt or Teleprompter, is increasingly used in theatrical performances and Live concerts. The text at theater performances, presentations or the song lyrics and music (chords cq notation) are displayed on monitors that can be discreetly placed on stages. The display of lyrics, chords and/or notation on the monitors support the singer, musician or actor. Which gives peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate more on your act and will be more relaxed on stage. We work in theaters, pop stages and at concerts with national and international artists, among others. Distinguished by quality and customization, Studio Eleven Autocue Systems rents (with or without controls) and sells high-quality autocue (teleprompter) equipment for events, theaters and concerts.

What is NDI Technology?

Our very latest APT-GB SMV2 Series Autocue Series features NDI Technology.

Network Device Interface ( NDI ) is a royalty-free software specification developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver and receive high-definition video over a computer network in a high-quality, low-latency manner that is framed accurately and suitable for switching in a live production environment.

NDI is designed to run over gigabit Ethernet , with the NDI codec expected to deliver 1080i HD video at VBR data rates typically around 100 Mbit/s.

By default, NDI uses the mDNS ( Bonjour / Zeroconf ) detection mechanism to advertise resources on a local network so that NDI-receiving devices can automatically discover and provision those resources, although 2 other detection modes (NDI Access, NDI Discovery Server) allow for operations across subnets and without mDNS. Resources are created using a randomly selected TCP port from a set of ports on the NDI broadcast host. When a resource is requested, a TCP connection is established on the appropriate port where the NDI receiver connects to the NDI sender. NDI 3.x has options to use UDP multicast or unicast with forward error correction (FEC) instead of TCP, and can load balance streams across multiple NICs of network interface controllers without using link aggregation . NDI 4.0 introduces multi-TCP connections.

NDI contains video, multichannel non compressed audio and metadata. Metadata messages can be sent in both directions, allowing the sender and receiver to send each other messages with arbitrary metadata in XML form over the connection. This directional metadata system enables functionality such as active tally information fed back to sources to understand that they are on-air (program / preview). NDI also allows senders to determine the number of connected receivers, allowing them to skip unnecessary processing and network bandwidth usage when no NDI receiver clients are connected. NDI receivers can choose to connect to different combinations of streams to support such things as audio-only connections or metadata-only connections where video is not required.

The NDI software development kit (SDK) is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and has also been ported to iOS, tvOS, Android, Raspberry Pi and FPGA. The Standard NDI SDK is available through a royalty-free proprietary license. The NDI Advanced SDK offers OEMs direct access to and from compressed data and other features, with a commercial license.

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APT-GB SMV2 Autocue Series | SMV2-224 and SMV2-212 by Neutrik APT-GB SMV-224 | SMV-212

APT-GB SMV-224 | SMV-212

APT-GB SMV-224 | SMV-212