The Best Professional Stage Autocue Systems for Events and Concerts

Just imagine this moment: a beautiful ambiance in the middle of a great show, the audience has the evening of their lives and then the unthinkable happens; as a great artist you suddenly forget your lyrics and you are diligently looking for the right words. So what do you do next? Improvise?
From now on you can start using one of our professional Autocue monitors for your performances.

Autocue monitors, also known as Autoscrypt or Teleprompter, are increasingly being used by artists, performers, actors, comedians or those who need unnoted lyrics during live performances.

Your Autocue monitor is ready and waiting for the cue. You no longer have to worry about what will happen if you forget your lyrics. All you need to do is take a quick glance at the Autocue monitor.

Our extensive range of Autocue monitors are specially designed for unnoted use live on stage.
With our Autocue monitor(s) added to your setup, you can confidently enjoy your performance without worrying about your lyrics.

Showtime! Everything feels great and you know your performance is going to be flawless from now on.


SMV2-224 | SMV2-212 will be available soon.

The SMV-2 serie, moving the product forward into a new era of video and stage products. SMV2-224 and SMV2-212″ monitors are our newest and most innovative Autocue system ever and available soon.


SMV-24 | SMV-28 | SMV-32 | SMV-40 | SMV-40 4K

We only use the best commercial display panels giving the product the best image and the best reliability.
Built in Signal Conversion allowing SDI in to HDMI out or HDMI in to SDI out.


24″ Full HD Ready | Adjustable from flat to 90°

CFM 24″ monitor is our most innovative Comfort Folding Monitor yet on the market. Being adjustable from flat to 90° in 10° increments it is set to take both the touring and corporate markets by storm


17″ HD Ready | 330 Watt amplifier with DSP.

SMV-A covert stage video monitor serie features a high quality 17″ LED commercial display panel, with 2 x 6″ Neo Cast Woofer and 1 x 1″ Neo Compression HF. On board 330 Watt amplifier with DSP.


Discover now our accessories such as: BNC | SDI, ConTrue 1 Male | Female,  ConTrue 1 Link and Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables, Micro Converters, iTec Display Adapters and Coverings.


5 mtr. | 10 mtr. | 20 mtr. | 25 mtr. | 50mtr.

Klotz BNC | SDI Cables

5 mtr. | 10 mtr. | 20 mtr. | 25 mtr. | 50mtr.

APT-GB PowerCON T1 M and M/F

2 mtr. | 3 mtr. | 5 mtr. | 10 mtr. | 15 mtr. | 20 mtr.

Klotz PowerCON T1 Schuko M and M/F

2 mtr. | 3 mtr. | 5 mtr. | 10 mtr. | 15 mtr. | 20 mtr.

Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Converter

HDMI to SDI 3G | 12G

Oehlbach 8K HDMI Cables

1,5 mtr. | 2 mtr. | 3 mtr. | 5 mtr.

i-Tec USB Display Adapter

Video Adapter for Yamaha Genos Keyboards

Covering for Autocue Systems

Available soon


World's Famous Autocue Systems On Stage



Studio Eleven Autocue Systems rents out high-quality Autocue monitors.
For events, concerts, festivals, theater performances etc. we supply professional Autocue monitors, both nationally and internationally.
Our Autocue monitors can be easily and quickly combined with each other.


Studio Eleven Autocue Systems distinguishes itself through quality and customization.
We have extensive experience in implementing customization, indoor and outdoor.
Our professional Autocue monitors have been on many stages in the EU in recent years, such as the UB40 Tour but also in the theater near you.

For availability, prices and favorable conditions you can contact us.

  • Autocue Stage Set 1 | 2 x SMV 24" Autocue Monitors

    € 595,00 per day
    Including Operator (max. 6 hours incl. construction and dismantling, travel time and production)
  • Autocue Stage Set 2 | 2 x CFM 24" Autocue Monitors

    € 645,00 per day
    Including Operator (max. 6 hours incl. construction and dismantling, travel time and production)
  • Additional SMV 24" Monitor

    € 60,00 per day
  • Autocue Operator (from standard rate)

    € 75,00 per hour
  • Surcharge Autocue Operator: on Public Holidays : 50%

  • Transportation costs (km reimbursement from Helmond NL)

    € 0,85 per km
  • Parking Costs are for the account of the client | contractor

  • Preparing pre-delivered texts for Autocue

    € 35,00
    Price per Songtitle / Lyrics text. (see Blog)
  • All Prices are excl. 21% VAT

APT-GB Autocue SMV-224 | SMV-212

HOTNEWS! APT SMV2 Autocue Systems

The SMV2 Serie will be available soon

After the worldwide success of the SMV serie, APT-GB has designed a new Autocue monitor to make it look exactly like a floor (audio) monitor. APT-GB proudly presents the SMV2 serie, moving this Autocue monitor forward into a new era of video and stage product.

SMV2-224 now offers a 23.8 inch full HD rugged screen with a wide viewing angle, giving the artist more flexibility to move around on stage.
With a clear high brightness and high contrast video output making it even easier to read. SMV2-224 also has a little brother the SMV2-212 with all the same features but in a smaller footprint, using a 12" screen. Useful for smaller occasions. It is a sleek and unnoted Autocue monitor.

APT-GB has successfully managed to create a product that encompasses the most common and newest formats of video NDI, SDI and HDMI with input and output conversion all in one platform, making it a much more accessible technology.

All of the new features above have been added with the touring engineer in mind and are a perfect addition for touring, television production companies and big events.

Our existing Autocue monitors are already being used worldwide for years by leading events, sound and light companies, theaters and professional bands such as UB40 and other well-known artists.
The new SMV2 serie offers an easy to use plug and play stage Autocue system where the audience won’t know the artist is bring prompted due to the sleek audio monitor style design.


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