Stage Autocue (Teleprompter) Productions for Events

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Having difficulty memorizing your speech for an important event? Looking distracted reading from pages and pages of scripts? Are these issues holding you back from delivering that star performance? We have just the solution to help you look more confident and poised on stage while you focus on communicating and engaging your audience. Just like the Autocue commonly used on stage, our special autocue systems, designed for the stage, has a special glass that displays the cues and script, invisible to the audience! This allows you, or the presenter, to maintain good eye contact with your audience, subtly referring to right cues or lines.

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Our APT-GB Stage Autocue systems are the ideal solution for the music stage. These professional Autocue (teleprompter) systems are ideal for all kinds of concerts, shows, events or special situations.
The Stage Autocue (Teleprompter) displays are placed directly on stage in front of the performers, so they can easily read the lyrics without the audience noticing the Autocue.
The possibility of different colors of text passages or individual words in our special Autocue (Teleprompter) software makes it easier for the performers to recognize their respective part of the text or to recognize stage directions.

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The Stage Autocue (Teleprompter) system is operated by an operator who precisely adjusts the speed of the text stream, the speed of the song. In combination with our special stage software, it is easy to adjust the order (playlist) of songs to the course of the show, enter chords and even enter an automatic timeline and highlighted row line. The performers can fully devote themselves to their performance, while the APT-GB Autocue monitors disguise themselves as floor monitor speakers, hidden from the audience.