Supply your lyrics for our Autocue Software

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[1] Welcome
Studio Eleven Autocue Productions would like to show you how a script for our autocue stage software should be formatted cq. supplied.

Make sure that any changes you have made using the “Changes” function in your Word document are “Accepted” before passing the script to our autocue operator on a Windows-compatible USB drive.
Possible file formats for the USB flash drive are: NTFS, FAT32 and ExFAT.

The square brackets and the text contained therein describe the individual chapters or follower points and simultaneously serve as jump marks.
This means that square brackets should only be used for chapter points or progression points and not for other instructions or annotations.
We recommend writing stage directions and notes in red.

[2 .1] Text formatting
When you create the script, you have the option to format the text already in Word. This is always useful when the speaker is emphasizing certain words, word syllables, etc.
You can use the font size and font of your choice (font and size are automatically adjusted when importing the text).
Text formatting such as italics, underline, bold or combinations of these options are applied as text coloring.

[2 .2] Color
Color highlighting can be used with standard formatting. Keep in mind that you should use very bold colors when using colors.
By coloring entire script passages, you can highlight lyrics and/or song lyrics very effectively. For example, Lyrics /Text 1 remains unchanged, Choir /Text 2 may be colored green, for example, and Solo /Text 3 may be colored turquoise, for example.
Even if the text is difficult to read in Word after coloring, keep in mind that the text in our special autocue stage software has a black background.

[3] Formatting information
All of the above examples can already be created in the Word document for our autocue software.

The use of emojis only distracts the reader and is therefore not displayed in our stage autocue software.
It makes more sense to give stage directions such as“Smile! “,“look interested” or“pause” in the text.

[Pro Tips]
The autocue script is seen exclusively by you.
Use this advantage, for example, to write hard-to-pronounce words or accents “as spoken” in the text to avoid stumbling blocks.
Write “peu à peu” in the script as “pö a pö”.
“136. 458. 55” in the scrypt as “one hundred and thirty-six thousand// four hundred and fifty-five”

[4 .1 Final] Do you have any questions?
If you still have questions about creating an autocue script, Studio Eleven Autocue Productions is happy to help answer your questions.